Please connect to the Ethereum mainnet to view real-time data on CryptoKitties and Sprites. If this sprite is available for purchase, you'll be able to buy it here (or adjust its price if you already own it). By the way, if a sprite has never been purchased before, its image will be a mystery until it gets purchased, and sprite images are chosen entirely randomly.

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Welcome to the first 3rd party extension of the famous CryptoKitties game! Crypto Sprites allows CryptoKitty owners to potentially make further income from their CryptoKitties by selling their separate Crypto Sprites, managed only within our own smart contract. Sprites are all kinds of fun video game style characters. Every CryptoKitty for sale in the original CryptoKitties game has a corresponding Sprite in this game, and funds from Sprite sales go straight to whichever Ethereum account owns the corresponding CryptoKitty. The default price of a Sprite now is only 10% of the price of its corresponding CryptoKitty. The price of an unsold Sprite can also be adjusted by the owner of the CryptoKitty (CryptoKitty owners can also remove their Sprites from sale if they like - by default all CryptoKitties for sale also have a Sprite that can be brought here).

NB: This game is not affiliated or endorsed by the creators of the original CryptoKitties game, and Sprites here have no use in the CryptoKitties game (or anywhere for that matter).

How to play: you must be connected to the Ethereum mainnet to view info on sprites, and some Ether (the currency of Ethereum) to buy one. The easiest way to connect to the Ethereum mainnet is to use the MetaMask plugin for Chrome -- go ahead and install it (takes 1 minute), then refresh this page. To get Ether you will need to buy some from an exchange like Coinbase.

Get in touch: questions (at) cryptosprites (dot) com | FAQ | Disclaimer | Contract Code

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